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The King in '10? Maybe, But Who's Our Prince?

Written by Daniel Dunn

With 2010 rapidly approaching, the idea of a big name free agent signing with the New York Knickerbockers has got fans and media alike in a feeding frenzy. Who's it going to be? Will King James bring the magic back to the garden? D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, who knows? All I know if that the anticipation is overwhelming. However with all this speculation there is still an entire season to be played after this one (a small detail many like to ignore). Aside from all of that, a glance into the future is to tempting for us Knicks fans to put aside. It's as though the city is mesmerized by the idea of being relevant in the basketball world again.

As Donnie Walsh and Mike D'antoni work to free up cap space for the budding stars of the 2010 free agent class, the question still remains who? Who will put the garden on their shoulders and rise to greatness? Who will light up the blue and orange again and lead them to victory? But more importantly, to clarify, by stating who, I am not saying Lebron or Dwayne Wade can be the savior by themselves. Can they? Possibly. Can Al Harrington be the safety blanket we need to back up a player of Lebron's stature? Maybe, Maybe not. All things considered there is still a necessity for more than one high profile free agent to be successful. So in saying who, I am also referencing who else?

The culture of the NBA has taken a turn toward dynamic duo's or as seen in Boston, Los Angeles, and even Houston, has evolved in a side show many to have dubbed "The Three Musketeers." Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG…… Kobe, Gasol, Bynum (Odom as well)… McGrady, Artest, Yao Ming…… So I ask, why can't the New York Knicks hit the jackpot? The New York market rival, if not supercedes all the aforementioned cities. So if anyone is capable of matching the rosters of such powerhouses its owner James Dolan, Donnie Walsh and Mike D'antoni.

As overwhelmingly apparent by the media coverage, if we were stuck in the Matrix, Lebron James would, of course, be the ONE free agent on the top of the Knicks list. He's the crown jewel of the 2010 free agents. And did I mention that he's accepted as a god by New York fans, dominates in Madison Square Garden and has dreams of becoming the first billionaire basketball player; with all that being said the Knicks seem to be the overwhelming favorite to land the superstar. But as to Batman, who will be his Robin?
There's no telling which direction the New York Knicks will go with the lingering sweepstakes of the summer 2010. All I know is that the Knicks need to make a splash. Lebron and Bosh, Lebron and Stoudemire, or even Wade (though I wouldn't want to leave the Miami Lifestyle if I were him) and a front court mate. The possibilities are endless. But as I see it, the King of New York in 2010 is going to need a Prince. Its obvious the Knicks will sway someone to be their savior, but who's going to be the Pippen to Jordan, Parker to Duncan, or Kobe (early in his career) to Shaq? Personally, I think that's biggest piece of the puzzle that needs to be addressed.

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