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Let's Make Some Moves!

With Jared Jeffries returning from a broken leg and Eddy Curry almost on his way back with a bruised knee, it's time to bring up the trade talks again.

Jeffries and Curry are the only two players whose contracts will run past 2010 and both need to go if the Yankees want to sign two superstars. They can still sign them with the two contracts on the books but that means the Knicks would have to sacrifice resigning David Lee and Nate Robinson.

I rather have the latter two than the former.

But as much as I want to see Jeffries and Curry shipped out of New York, the Knicks would have to be patient with this one. The Knicks need the two to be on the court for quite some, so the NBA can see what they can bring to their team.

Jeffries is already back and have put up so-so numbers. But let's see what he can do after a month or two.

We don't know when Curry will be healthy enough to play, but when he does the market for him will be a lot greater than Jeffries. There are several possible destinations for Curry. One notable one that I think has a great chance of working is a Dallas deal that would bring back Jerry Stackhouse and Shawne Williams.

Stackhouse's name has been floating around all season and Williams is a young player that hasn't impressed the Mavs this season. If Curry can play at a level close to his 2007 season, then a trade could definitely be in the works. Let's just hope Curry can get back on the court in time and prove himself before Stackhouse is gone.

Another possible destination is a trade to Indiana for Rasho Nesterovic. The only problem is, Nesterovic is having a good season for the Pacers and I'm not so sure Larry Bird is willing to take on a guy with more money due and has a character issues.

As for Jeffries, I don't see the Knicks being able to convince anyone to take his contract. He's due $6 million this year and six and a half more the next with a team option of close to $7 million in 2010-11. Unless you package him with Nate Robinson or David Lee to sweeten the deal, then I don't see anyway a team would pick up Jeffries' contract.

Let's just hope Jeffries can play up to his potential and contract so he can be a key part to LeBron James and the New York Knicks.

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