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Knicks Roundup

By Bill Pritchard

The Knicks have been playing fairly well recently, winning four out of their last five games. The lone loss came in Philadelphia, the one game I just happened to attend. (I would have had pictures posted, but they are on my friend Bones' camera, and he was too busy dreaming about Pat's cheesesteaks to send them to me.)

It was good to see them live, even with the loss, but Wachovia Center does not even compare to MSG. Don't get me wrong, it is a wonderful building and it had all of the flash and amenities you could ask for, but it just feels off. I guess it just doesn't have the history that you think of, like when you think of places like MSG, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, or Lambeau Field. Or maybe I just feel like bad mouthing it because the Knicks lost. (I'm leaning towards that.) The pregame "entertainment" was bad, as was the halftime event. It was supposed to be "Phillies Night", but all they did was carry the trophy out, and some of the lesser known Phils come out for a half-assed three-point contest. It was cool seeing them hype the last game ever at the Spectrum, and using videos to celebrate their history, but I have no other real interest in the team. Two personal highlights for me were having my friend Josh get cut off at the beer line and seeing Donovan McNabb pop up on the big screen, to a deafening chorus of boos. You stay classy, Philth-adelphia.

David Lee is garnering some much deserved talk for All-Star consideration. I agree with it, he is putting up great numbers. Some people will argue against it, bringing up the teams' record, or the system he is in, but I have to argue for him. Lee has always been a good player, he just gets to show his skills now that he has a more prominent role in the rotation. The team record should have nothing to do with consideration, but people should instead look at the team performance and improvement. Lee has been a part of both categories. If LeBron can come out and say that the Cavs wouldn't be as good without Mo Williams (which is true), then Lee should be in the same talks. Hell, if Steve Nash can win two MVP awards under D'Antoni, they why can't Lee be an All-Star? It's getting boring watching the same cast of people being All-Stars. Players like JKidd, AI and Shaq, who are perennial All-Stars, shouldn't be there. I like them all, and you could argue for Shaq being there because his team is hosting, but they already have Amar'e starting for the West. Guys like the ones mentioned aren't playing at a level to be called an All-Star, but Lee is. He's fourth in the league in rebounding, and is currently tied with (top vote-getter) Dwight Howard for double-doubles. How do you deny a player like that? The answer is you can't. Many fans want to see him there, and he deserves it.

Some other thoughts:
  • They still have the worst unis in the league, but the Oklahoma City Teamstealers are steadily improving.
  • The Nets have also been getting better, they have Vince Carter (who seems to be actually trying this year,) and rising stars in Devin Harris and Brooke Lopez. So why can I still get tickets to their games on StubHub for 2 dollars?
  • Kobe thinks he could play football. Nate Robinson actually did play.
  • Nice to see good teams like Orlando getting nationally televised games, instead of constantly seeing Cavs/Bulls and Spurs/Mavs like the past few years.
  • Speaking of Dallas, Mark Cuban should stop trying to buy other teams and pay attention to his floundering Mavs.
  • Wanna hear a great joke? Baron Davis actually wanted to go to the Clippers.
  • Here is another one: Stephon Marbury.

The Knicks are home to the Hawks tonight. If they get good play out of Harrington and Duhon, they should come away with the win.

My guess - Knicks 108, Hawks 102.

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