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Dream Week???

Knicks to Face League's Best in Next Three Games


The Knicks organization has deemed next week “Dream Week.” The team just finished up a 6-1 stretch that included quality wins over Phoenix, Houston, and Atlanta. Next week, the Knicks will play host to the league’s three best teams in the Lakers, Cavaliers, and Celtics, and while this is undoubtedly the perfect test to see how the Knicks fare against the crème de la crème and whether or not they are a legitimate playoff contender, one can only hope that by next Saturday, the dreams of Knicks fans haven’t turned into nightmares.

And though the upcoming opponents might strike fear into the hearts and souls of some opponents, the Knicks have the advantage of past success telling them that winning these games will not be Mission Impossible. In the team’s last appearance at the Staples Center, they led by fifteen points at halftime only to pull off the classic Knicks collapse down the stretch and fall, 116-114. Their last match-up with the Celtics did, in fact, end with an increase in the Wins column. However, this was during Boston’s 2-7 swoon, and is now back to its championship-winning ways, having won its last ten.

Against Cleveland, however, the Knicks have shown their small size and occasional lack of willpower, asLeBron and his oversized frontcourt henchmen overpowered David Lee, Wilson Chandler, and the rest of the crew. In the two previous meetings between the two clubs, the Knicks were outscored by 54 points.

If you all have watched the recent winning streak as I have, then you understand that our team is one that relies on momentum. They are streaky during games, and streaky from game to game. They can just as easily make six threes in a row as they can miss sixteen. Right now, the momentum is with the Knicks, and the squad will return home where it will most likely be met by three sold-out Garden crowds.

Now, I’ll post again in between these games for status updates, but going into tomorrow’s game against LA, there’s something I have to put out there. As if by some unwritten rule or cross-country gravitational pull, Knicks fans, including yours truly, have an uncanny loyalty and attraction to the Lakers, and more particularly, their all-Universe star, Kobe Bryant. We all know at some point during Monday’s bout, Kobe will pull something out of his bag of tricks to make us ooh and aah. And I’m not saying the crowd shouldn’t applaud him during the starting lineup introductions or after an especially dazzling play. But Knicks fans, I implore you, don’t get swept up in KobeMania and forget you’re there to root on the good guys, the team that needs its fans, the team that plays off of momentum. These Knicks are perfectly capable of coming out of Dream Week sleeping soundly. Let’s make sure we are there to make sure its their opponents who will be tossing and turning.

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