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Hell Week Ends For Knicks

By: Bill Pritchard

At least no one scored 50 points in MSG again.

The New York Knicks lost to the Boston Celtics 110 to 100 Friday night in New York. Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 26 points, and teammate Kevin Garnett turned in a double-double with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Boston was without Ray Allen for the end of the 4th quarter after he fouled out of the game, but they still hung on for the win. Another positive for the Celtics came from forward Leon Powe, who had 13 points off the bench in 27 minutes.

The Knicks got a fairly good night out of their players, but couldn’t finish off the champs. Al Harrington led the team with 27 points, and David Lee added to his double-double total by contributing with 18 points and 18 boards. New York forced more turnovers and scored more points off of turnovers, but the Celtics fought back in crunch time and put the Knicks down for good with 8:41 left in the game.

After the “Dream Week” home stand, the Knicks are 0-3 after winning three in a row. I don’t think anyone expected anything out of the team, but fans at least hoped the team could win one or two out of the three games. They played hard in all three contests, even though the final stats or scores may not show it. They are improving every game. One of their problems, however, is ball handling. The Knicks are one of the sloppiest teams I have seen when it comes to holding on to the ball. They aren’t at that skill level yet where they can run what D’Antoni wants, and they don’t have Steve Nash, either. They can run the floor and be up tempo but they need to slow it down a bit when they make stupid passes into traffic. It’s one of the reasons they are blowing close games at the end.

I don’t want to be completely negative, because this year has been a huge step up from watching (Fire) Isiah run the team into the ground. It was good seeing Danilo Gallinari getting more time in games. I really don’t know anything about the guy except he was drafted in the first round and he’s Italian. (Oh and I know how to screw up his name a bunch of times, so far I’ve called him Danilo Bargnani and Dingo Gallimimus, among other things. In texts I just started referring to him as “The Italian.”) He seems like he’s turning out to be a pretty good ball player, and maybe towards the end of this season or next year we will get to see his full potential. He should be a nice compliment to the roster being assembled in the Apple.

So really quick, in other big Association news, H-O-R-S-E is coming to the All-Star game! This will be fun to watch, and it’s going to breathe some life into the stale-for-years weekend coming up. The league should let David Lee and Mo Williams show up as a half-assed “I’m Sorry We Shafted You” apology, but they probably won’t, and they’ll invite guys from the Grizzlies and Bobcats instead. There are three guys participating, so besides Lee and Williams, here is who I would like to see in the contest.

· Rafer Alston – I think Skip To My Lou could make some intermediate difficulty shots look great with some street ball handling.
· Carmelo Anthony – He’s good, he’s sitting home next weekend, and he would do it.
· Devin Harris – I get the YES Network, and I don’t watch any of the games. I know he’s a rising star, and Dallas was dumb for trading him. I would like to see him show off, plus it gives New Jersey some representation in Phoenix.

The Knicks are on the road this week, at Portland, at Golden State, and at the Clippers. They are fairly easy games, and the Knicks are capable of winning all three. That should be enough momentum to send them into the break on a high note.

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