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Knicks Lose Again... I'm Used To It

By: Bill Pritchard

The Knicks lost in Orlando last night, 110-103. Quentin Richardson had 33 points to lead the team.

Seems like it's the same headlines over and over again in recent weeks. Knicks lose, but someone on the team scores 25+ points in the effort. They don't play defense. They aren't going to get a playoff spot, let alone have a chance against Cleveland or Orlando. Orlando showed last night they could win in 5 or 6, and Cleveland would sweep them. The Cavs don't lose at home, and LeBron gets mystical like powers when he goes to the Garden.

I've tried to be very optimistic this season and for the most part I have. Keeping in mind that I've been a little distracted this month with the watching the World Baseball Classic and other work... I still think D'Antoni was a bad move. I said it they day he got hired, they should have gotten Rick Carlisle or Avery Johnson instead, or at least a defensive minded coach. D'Antoniball will never work in the NBA. It gave Phoenix false hopes, and it will fail even more in New York. It boosts your stats, and gets you a 2nd round exit. David Lee would still be a beast, he is averaging a double-double with a coach that doesn't coach defense! All of this is just flash, and soon the city will tire of just a playoff spot. They want a championship, and they can't depend on a superstar that doesn't even play for them to bring it.

The Knicks are home for three games against the Magic, Clippers, and Hornets. They'll probably lose to Orlando (again), but it's possible they could beat New Orleans. The Clippers are terrible, and Mike Dunleavy is a moron that can't coach, so that should give the Knicks the win by default. The LA game should be a guaranteed win, but nothing is guaranteed anymore. After all, the Knicks lost to a Kings team that was winless in 28 games against the East.

There are only 13 games left in the season, and the Knicks are 3.5 games out of the 8th seed. Their playoff hopes are slim, but if they have any left it needs to start now. They play Charlotte, Chicago, and New Jersey, who are all ahead of them in the race for the 8th seed. But before even thinking about that, they need to worry about Kryptonate stopping Superman one more time.

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