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Los Angeles Kobe Bryant’s vs the New York Knicks 1/22/10

Los Angeles Kobe Bryant's vs the New York Knicks 1/22/10

(I only put that title to rile up some Lakers hate/love)

On Friday night, the Los Angeles Lakers came off a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers to play the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden. Kobe Bryant had an average of 30.5 points per game at MSG coming in; the Knick historically played with no defense against these guys (or this guy) in the recent past. Tonight was a little different; but not by much.

Starting out, the Lakers won the jump ball and immediately scored. However the Knicks "should be all-star" center David Lee answered right back with a jumper of his own. The Knicks led most of the 1st until the Lakers center Andrew Bynum got off a three point play with a free throw included bringing the game to 25-23 Lakers. Then, the Lakers went on a 13 point run and finished the first quarter leading by 6.

The second qtr. didn't show any real Lakers advantage over the Knicks; it wasn't the usual smut we see when Kobe comes cross- country. It was a pretty entertaining second. This included a Nate Robinson- Wilson Chandler Ally-OOP that shook the whole arena. Im pretty sure the people underneath MSG at Penn Station could even feel this one. The Knicks played smart ball and kept the Lakers out to the perimeter. Nate Robinson pulled his right hamstring with 10 minutes of play, 3 points and 4 assists. He didn't come back into the game. The quarter ended tied at 63.

At halftime, Bill Clinton walked on court and made a speech about the disaster in Haiti, kissed babies and politicized with players. While this game was going on, the Help for Haiti marathon was happening on other channels. They probably raised millions in aid for this misfortunate catastrophe,-which is a great thing. Artists, entertainers and politicians have really made America and the rest of the world fully aware of what has been going on. You would literally have to live out in the woods or limbo to not have heard about this thing. Clinton's talk really changed the atmosphere of the game for a little while though, which really speaks for this ordeal.

When the third quarter started, I myself was petty stunned to see the fight that the Knicks were putting up. At this point it was hard to say if the Knicks were playing good or if the Lakes were suffering with Kobe's sprained index finger. At the end of the qtr, the Knicks had out-scored the Lakers 38-20 in the paint.

The fourth didn't end so well for the Knicks. With about 7 min left, the Lakers opened the score up to an 8 point lead at 91-99. Kobe scored 13 of his 27 points this quarter. At one point Lakers fans started yelling "MVP", but the Knicks fans put an end to that with their own "Boooooo"'s real quick. At the end, Kobe ended with the 27 points with some help from power forward Paul Gasol scoring 20 with 8 rebounds, 5 assists and Andrew Bynum who scored 19 pts. The Lakers took the game and finished at 115-105; bringing their own record to the best in the NBA with 33 wins and 10 losses. The Knick's were demeaned to a 17-25 record. Looking at the numbers, the Knicks only had 4 turnovers with 13 rebounds, but had 34 flagrant fouls against them with 7 blocks.

Besides Kobe not demolishing the pride of the Knicks, and the Haiti relief efforts; the story of the game was David Lee. The All-star voted were cut in and David Lee was not a part of it. After seeing who was voted in, many people are wondering if the system should be changed.

Currently, fans decide who plays in the All-Star game. Many were left out, but a player like Allen Iverson was left in. Who knows why and for what reason; could be lack of votes, or lack of coverage for other players. They should take a poll on way they chose Allen Iverson. (I for one would love an answer). Tonight though, David Lee played an outstanding game. He scored a season high of 31 points against the best team in the NBA with 17 rebounds and 4 assists. He was the star player tonight against last year's NBA champs. When's the last time Iverson put up 31 against the Lakers? David Lee has been passed around the NBA like a 3 dollar ___ the last few seasons. He has put up good numbers and assisted on every team he's been on. He has earned himself a great reputation as a great player and probably the Knicks MVP. Keep on ballin' Lee. You keep playing smart and hard- and stay healthy- and you could have yourself a spot in the Hall of Fame. No racism, I must emphasis that; over and over again; but here's to the white guys who put up great numbers in the NBA. Let's go Knicks.


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