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NY Knicks Lose 104, to 112 to the Toronto Raptors

    The New York Knicks hosted the Toronto Raptors on Friday night. They're minds must have been someplace else besides MSG though. It was Italian Heritage night, so maybe it was on the spaghetti and meatballs they had before the game…maybe they were bloated from too much garlic bread…either way the Knicks played a terrible game against a team that is at best-average. I heard this game was actually broadcasted at 2am in Italy by the way.

    The Knicks never led for a fraction of a second. Not even by a point. This is a tough one to write about, especially for a first article. The Knicks played a lazy game. It looked nonchalant. They even looked nonchalant about looking nonchalant. Like a big F-U to the Italians on Heritage night. Italian players playing include Andrea Bargnani and Marco Belinelli for the Raptor's, Gallinari, Coach D'Antoni and the guy who played Uncle Junior on The Sopranos. Let me start off with the positives before I start the assault though…

    The Knick's led the game in assists (20), rebounds (10-42 offensive total), steals (5) (toronto had 4) and Al Harrington was the night's lead scorer with 31 points. David though was what I'll call the Friday Night Knick All-Star with 25 points, 14 rebounds, 9 assists and a steal. Danilo Gallinari had 26 points. Thank You Mr. Lee, Mr. Gallinari and Mr. Harrington for showing up on Friday and not playing like you were bloated off marinara sauce.

    The pasta water boils down to this…The Raptor's performed better as an entire team. The Knicks did outscore them in the second and third quarters- but they can't get their due daps because it didn't mean a thing except for stats. The Raptor's are no powerhouse team. After tonight's game they are at .500. The Knicks are hurting on the inside and the outside. The Raptor's Center Andrea Bargnani had 9 field goals and went 5-6 and 3 point shots. He was Toronto's lead scorer with 24 points and also had 12 rebounds. As opposed to Harrington's 31 points; you figure the Knicks should have been able to pull this out, but Bargnani actually had a team with him. The Knick's performance shouldn't be blamed on the coaching either. Mike D'Antoni is in my opinion one of the best moves the Knick's have made in the past 8 years (besides firing Isaiah Thomas).

    To sum it up, Toronto wounded New York with a 28 point amputation that the Knicks just were not prepared for. Toronto's first lead started with a 24-8 run. They made 17 of its first 27 shots in the second quarter bringing the onslaught- I mean basketball game to 67-43. New York did pick up the pace though, cutting Toronto's lead to only 9 points at one point. But then, the spaghetti fell off the fork and Toronto's DeMar De Rozan scored the final points of the quarter. The fourth quarter finally ended with The Knick's outscoring Toronto 24-19, bringing the final score to 112-104.

    It was good to see The Knick's make a comeback. Gallinari, Harrington and Lee are slowly making themselves into star players. They need to step up though-big time, Ed Curry is injured and Nate Robinson isn't really doing much of anything. The season isn't over, and as faithful Knicks fans we can always say these great words… "Hey, at least I'm not a Nets fan".

The Knicks travel to Detroit tomorrow so the smart money is on the Knicks.

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