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Robinson Must Go

By: Gary Ayd
The benching of Nate Robinson by head coach Mike D’Antoni is without question fair, but New York’s most popular mob boss better be careful, for his family can ill afford to go through another foul divorce.
From a pure basketball performance standpoint the numbers speak for themselves. In the 18 games prior to Nate Robinson’s benching the Knicks were 4-14 and were giving up a staggering 108.6 points per game. In addition the club had surrendered eight games of 110 points or more, losing seven of them.
In the nine games since the benching the Knicks are a solid 6-3 and are allowing over 10 points per game fewer. In seven of the nine games, the Knicks have held opponents under 100 points. It is also worth noting that over the last 10 games, there are only seven teams with equal or better records then the Knicks, five of which are division leaders.
So far so good for D’Antoni and company in their decision to bench Robinson, although as should’ve been expected there have been rumblings of late from the Robinson camp clamoring for a trade or buyout. According to ESPN.com sources close to Robinson wants to be traded from the Knicks, preferably to the Boston Celtics. If no trade that is agreeable to all parties can be reached the source said Robinson would like to be bought out. My advice? Give it to him! Sooner rather than later.
I’m sure all Knick fans remember how badly the Donnie Walsh Mike D’Antoni team handled the Stephon Marbury situation. Well this has the potential to be if not quite as bad at least bad enough to derail a promising change of fan and media focus.
It would not be a stretch to say the Knicks are playing perhaps their best basketball since 2003-2004, the aforementioned Marbury’s first season with the Knicks. And as is normally the case fans of the Knicks are starting to take notice. Being a New Yorker myself I can say this is the first time I have heard anything good about the sorry Knicks in quite a long time, and as a basketball fan I certainly hope the talks continues to be about their solid play and not about the players that are not playing.
Walsh and D’Antoni MUST I repeat MUST handle this situation with Robinson better then they handled the spilt with Marbury last year.
Unlike last year the vaunted summer of 2010 is not a full year away, but a mere handful of months away, and if the Knicks are to have any shot of luring one of the top three free agents (James, Wade, or Bosh) to New York they need to use this season as positive look at us we are heading in the right direction advertisement, not a look at us we still have no idea how to handle adversity warning sign.
Also Unlike last year this Knicks team has a viable shot at the playoffs. At the conclusion of play Monday the Knicks sat just one game behind Detroit for the 8th seed in the eastern conference playoffs. What better sales pitch to a big time free agent then to say we are coming off a playoff run and now are in a position to get markedly better in a short period of time?
All of this is still far off I realize but the Knicks must keep the focus on their play and not on a petty controversy with another guard, who just couldn’t fit in D’Antoni’s system, if they are to have any shot of competing this year, and more importantly making a big catch in the upcoming free agent season.
Thankfully for Knick fans this situation lacks the overall dislike, history, and financial complexities that made getting rid of Marbury about as complicated as proving the general theory of relativity.
Unlike Marbury who was making over $20 million dollars last year Robinson is only due $4 million. Also good for the Knicks is the fact that Robinson is still only 25 a factor teams that might be interested in the embattled guard will surely consider.
With that being said D’Antoni and to a lesser extent Walsh have a history of being stubborn and slow to react to these types of situations, and with the New York media always starved for a controversy this story will continue to balloon and become a major distraction for team that can ill afford one unless the brain trust of Walsh and D’Antoni address it promptly.
Robinson cannot be traded until December 24th when his contract would officially reach the 90-day mark. Lets hope Robinson gets what he wants for Christmas because trust me Knick fans its what you NEED!

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