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Time is Now for Knicks 2010 Move

By: Gary Ayd

In my last post I outlined how the Knicks winning more consistently this season coupled with David Lee having a career year was actually having a negative impact on their summer 2010 prospects.
In the week or so since that post the NBA trade climate has presented the Knicks a great opportunity to circumvent the damage done by their successes this season.
That opportunity is not trading Eddie Curry (there is still no team dumb enough to do that….I don’t think), nor is it a way to get rid of Jared Jefferies’ contract (see Curry description). In fact the opportunity I see has nothing to do with cutting salary.
This opportunity is about making a play at the recently up for trade Chris Bosh.
For many of you who have read and listened to me over the past couple of years you know that I have repeatedly said the only one of the big three (Wade James and Bosh) that is going to be a free agent is Bosh.
If we go on the assumption that my theory is right and Bosh is the only A list free agent in this summers class (No Amare does not count as A list) why not go after him now and avoid competition on the open market?
If the Knicks are to have a chance at signing Bosh on the open market they will have to sacrifice resigning Lee who is playing his way to a well deserved payday this season. Knowing that and knowing that they are unlikely to free up enough cap space to allow them to resign Lee and go after a max level player it would be in the Knicks best interest to make a strong play for the Raptors forward now.
If the Knicks came the Raptors tomorrow and offered up a package centered around David Lee that included one or two expiring contracts and perhaps a draft choice do you really think Toronto could turn it down easily?
Every team in the league knows the Raptors are probably trying to get rid of this guy and get something for him because they know and the league knows he is as good as gone come July 8th—the day teams can start signing free agents.
Lets face it this isn’t Major League Baseball where some teams can just outright outbid others for the services of all the best players so the Knicks do not have an advantage over any other team simply because they are from New York.The question in this case is not about money Bosh is a max contract player simple as that, the question in this case and in that of every other max player is what can your team provide for me in the way of winning, social scene, good area to raise a family etc. over the other team(s) that want me?
The bottom line is a max level player is getting the same contract sands a few insignificant details wherever he goes so the ball is totally in his court (pun not intended) as to where he wants to play.
This puts a team like the Knicks which has not won really at all in almost 10 years and sands a few of the players they will have to let go to pursue Bosh does not have a very talented roster at a competitive disadvantage compared to other teams that may be in the hunt for the star forward. If given the choice would you rather play with Eddie Curry, Jared Jefferies, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler? Or Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, Courtney Lee and Chris Douglas-Roberts? I thought so.
If the Knicks do choose to package Lee with a few other pieces for Bosh they better do it soon, and they also better know they can get Bosh to resign with them following the season or before. The reason it is important for the Knicks to move early is simple: as the trading deadline draws closer more and more teams with money looking to be the proverbial early bird to get the worm will start making offers.
If a team like the Lakers offers up a budding star like Andrew Bynum strait up for Bosh as has been rumored the Knicks don’t have the pieces to match that kind of value.
Opportunity’s like this do not present themselves very often, and for once it would be nice to see the Knicks play the front-office chess match a move or two ahead of the competition by going after Bosh now as apposed to a move or two behind and waiting for their chance which may or may not come to sign him in free agency.
Anyone have an over under on the odds of this? I’m setting the number at 15% chance the Knicks at least try.

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