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Deadline Deals

I've been overseas without an internet connection for the past week, so here is my reaction to the NBA deadline deals.

We all expected this NBA deadline to give some big name players a new home; the general managers did not disappoint. My last blog stated my predictions were T-Mac to the Knicks, Stoudmire staying with the Suns, and Camby going to the Blazers. I love to toot my own horn but, these weren't really long shots.

Tracy coming to the Knicks saved Donnie Walsh's job for the next two-three years. Before the deal the Knicks were only in position to max out on one player which would all but ensure no Lebron to NY. This year is shot anyway but, at this point lets hope the Knicks can fall out of the top 10 since they don't have their draft pick next year. Houston scores Kevin Martin and the Kings unload Martin's contract and land Landry. (NYK Grade: A, HOU Grade: C, SAC Grade: B

Marcus Camby was a no brainer for the Blazers because he presents a post-up presence that was absent with the injuries to Joel Prizbilla and Greg Oden. The Blazers gave up Steve Blake and his less than favorable contract and Travis Outlaw who could be a future all-star. All and all the trade helps both team. ( POR Grade: A, LAC Grade: C)

The Cavs made the smart splash by grabbing Antwan Jameson and literally gave up nothing. The trade was ultimately Z. Illgauskas for Jameson and big Z was released yesterday by Washington which I think means he ends up wth Cleveland again in 4 weeks. This trade was better for the Cavs than Amare because he is just a better player than the soft big man in Phoenix.(WAS Grade: C, CLE Grade: A)

The first trade of the offseason was the swap of Caron Butler and Josh Howard. Butler and Haywood went to Dallas with Stevenson in exchange for Howard, Gooden, and a couple others. This trade went south earlier this week when Howard went down for the season with an ACL injury. For arguement sake I will rate this trade from the date the deal took place. (WAS Grade: A, DAL Grade: A)

Nate Robinson goes to the Celtics for Eddie House. As a Knick perspective this deal is fantastic. The Knicks get rid of the cancer that was Nate Robinson for Mr. Clutch Eddie House. From a Celtic perspective this deal is dumb; they take on a Knick headache for a second straight year. They give up a playoff proven shooter for a streaky shooter who plays no defense. (NYK Grade: B, BOS Grade: D)

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