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Knicks Clear Cap Space and Welcome In McGrady

In a 3-team, 7 player deal between the Sacremento Kings, Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks, the Knicks add a star player and lose 3 "helpers". The New York Knicks have acquired Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez along with some cap space in exchange for 3 mid-tier players; Larry Hughes, Jarred Jeffries and Jordan Hill. The Knicks also had to exchange 3011 draft picks with the Rockets as well as sending them their first round pick of the 2012 draft.
The Knicks gained Tracy Mcgrady and didnt lose Nate Robinson (yet) as expected, but is this a real win? Tracy McGrady is a good player, but his averages are down this season. Maybe working off Lee's offense and Gallinari's jumper, the Knicks have a new go to man. Seeing Robinson, Harrington Lee, Gallo and McGrady play off each other could give the Knicks a surge for some playoff hopes, but in my opinion McGrady is depleting. Im sure he's excited to play in New York, but the question is; Is he worth it?
Obviously the Knicks are looking towards next season with this deal, and some more trades will probably come. But 3 draft picks and 3 players for 1 good player and another mediocre one? Okay Jordan Hill isn't the best player, but Jarred Jeffries and Larry Hughes did add something to the team however not enough in terms of W's I guess. you could argue "Why do you need draft-picks if you have cap space?" Maybe they think McGrady will play off LeBron next year...hell, they may even trade McGrady at the end of the season. Ones thing is for sure, the Knicks have high hopes in their prospects. In the end though, welcome aboard T-Mac you are now a part of Knicks history.

1 comment:

  1. I think you have it right with the fact they can still trade away McGrady. There will likely always be a team willing to take a little bit of a chance on the guy. I like the idea of seeing what he can do in NY, who knows he might realize the opportunity he has been given to play on the big stage and take it by the horns for a while.