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New Arrivals Spark Knicks Offense

Even though their record since the trades doesn’t show it, the Knicks offense looks better with Sergio Rodriguez at the point and Tracy McGrady at shooting guard. Since Rodriguez has taken over Chris Duhon’s starting job, he has averaged 11 points, 3.5 assists, 3 rebounds and 5 steals per game. He looks more explosive and is the perfect fit for Coach Mike D’Antoni’s run and gun offense. He is showcasing his talents after being kept a secret by the Kings and he is playing for a starting job next year as he plays out his contract. Chris Duhon may not see the floor the rest of the way.

At times Tracy “T-Mac” McGrady has looked like the all-star that people saw during the past decade. Since entering the Knicks starting lineup, McGrady has averaged 15.7 points, 4.7 assists and 3 rebounds per game. Even though he has proven that he is not durable and has been seen limping off the court recently, it’s remarkable what he has brought to the table. People didn’t know what to expect from “T-Mac” once he was traded to New York, but he has shown flashes of the “T-Mac” of old in the last year of his contract. McGrady’s career looks far from over and the fan favorite looks to get a starting job for next year.

Eddie House was also a new arrival in the Nate Robinson trade and he has also shown some flashes of the clutch shooter who won a championship with the Boston Celtics two years ago. Since joining the Knicks, he has averaged 12.7 points, 3 assists and 3.7 rebounds off the bench. He is also a favorite of Mike D’Antoni since he once played with him in Phoenix. He is also getting quality minutes and he should keep producing as long as he is on the court.

Even though the Knicks are not really in playoff contention, they have been entertaining to watch and have at least given the fans that go see them every game something to watch. Next year we will see a completely different Knicks team, but the Knicks will be fun to watch the rest of the way.

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