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Win at all costs?

The Knicks along with every other New Yorker, want to win and they want to win soon. I can understand the frustration, as I have been troubled over the years by the Knicks' woes. But my question to you is, do we really want Lebron? For all of his talent and superstardom, does anyone question his character?

Sure Lebron says all of the right things, but doesn't he seem a bit immature? Doesn't he seem too cocky? He's cocky in that obnoxious way, where you can tell someone is too in love with themselves. He has succeeded on every stage in the NBA so far, except for winning a ring. The Cavs may be the top team in the NBA and are looking like NBA title heavyweights. If he wins a ring, I don't see any reason for him to leave the Cavs, and for good reason. They have a nice supporting cast, but the only reason they seem so good is partly because he lifts everyone to another level. This is what the great players do, they make everyone around them that much better.

He could win a championship with the rag tag team that the Knicks have, even right now. He's that good. He could probably do it with the Nets, no offense to the Nets. But do we want to win in that way? The way that the Yankees have been winning for years? I would rather put a scare into the Eastern Conference with a couple of talented players, maybe a Chris Bosh, or a rejuvenated Amare Stoudemire. It still isn't too late in his career to learn a little bit of defense, although I highly doubt that the Knicks would be the organization would teach him defense. Amare Stoudemire a few years ago put a deep fear into the Spurs, playing at a extremely high level. Remember when he was pouring in 35 points, pulling down 13 boards, blocking a couple of shots? This isn't too far fetched. With the right team, and with the hunger that he currently has, maybe we just need a couple of stars - as opposed to a player who is so full of himself and throws baby powder up to the stage.

Granted this may never happen, but I would rather us win with homegrown talent. Let's make some great draft choices. Let's hire some scouts who really know what they're doing. Let's draft a point guard and come to the realization that as good of a guy that Chris Duhon may be, he has limitations.

We're afraid of other players bringing in cancerous vibrations to our organization but the cancer has been detected and is all over the Knicks, in every branch and in every department.

Sure, we traded for Marbury and he was already set in his ways. But imagine if we got a brash, trash-talking, confident young budding star in Brandon Jennings, and molded him into tough player like we had back in the early to mid-90's? We need a player who will instill fear in other players, just by the way he looks at them, just by the way he talks to them. In my mind, it's kind of like raising children. Some kids are born pricks, but you can teach them values and traits that will help sublimate that energy into something more productive. That is something we should have done with Jennings, and he would have rewarded us.

Instead of seeing others outside the organization as being potential threats to us, we should look from the inside. I would rather have a couple of all-stars who aren't as good as Lebron, but that don't exude that nasty full of BS attitude. He's good, but his you know what doesn't smell like roses.

Let's win from the inside, and a little help from the outside. I don't want Lebron on my team when it comes down to it, I don't want to buy our championship from a guy that shows off and dances on the sidelines when his team is up twenty.

I want someone who will cut your throat on defense and not gloat about it, not be so smug about it. There was a time that I was emotionally invested in the Knicks, and how the Knicks played would parallel how I felt about my life. Just recently I have cut off that emotional investment, because I am tired of being upset and let down. I am committed to us winning, but I am not going to be upset for two hours after the Knicks lose anymore, not anymore.



  1. depending on the price, Lebron shouldn't be put aside. He will mature...he can play however he wants. He may not be perfect on d, but theres very few players on his caliber

  2. I just don't like his attitude.