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Knicks end winning streak at one; Z-Bo gets his revenge

By: Donny Shabtai

One night after the Knicks ended their eight game losing streak with an unwatchable overtime win over Washington, the Knicks lost a very winnable game to the Memphis Grizzlies. The Knicks interior defense has been a weak spot all year, and became even weaker with the recent trades. Last night Memphis scored 62 points in the paint, most of the damage being done by former Knicks Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. New York fans know that Z-Bo can play ball, but has changed his game this year to be more team-friendly, and in turn was chosen to his first All-Star Game. Z-Bo also out-hustled the Knicks for an astonishing 25 rebounds.

The Knicks, as always, had a furious comeback in the third quarter and even took the lead at one point. McGrady's minutes were limited last night (as they will be until he feels comfortable, probably next season) so the Knicks depended on Al Harrington to carry the load. Al actually shot the ball well last night (11-18 FG, 6-11 3PT FG), but as always he got carried away when it counted most. He is a great scorer who can help tie up any game, but after that he should be taken out. His decision making in clutch situations is not exactly his forte, and has proven to be detrimental to the team in the final minutes.

It seems as if Bill Walker will get some significant playing time in the Knicks height depleted roster. In his limited playing thus far, SkyWalker (Clydes nickname for him) has shown that he is definitely one of the more athletic players on the roster. His ferocious dunks have fired up the Garden and hopefully he'll continue to do so.

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  1. truuuueeeee, hard times

  2. sometimes the team gets too heavy for even al harrington to carry on his shoulders

  3. Al Harrington couldn't carry a D-league team on his shoulders much less the Knicks. I hope he enjoys his last employment in the NBA

  4. I am perfectly fine with having Duhon warm the bench. Rodriguez may be the answer @ PG, eventually running the Lebron-Bosh offense.

    Hate to nit pick, but Marc Gasol was never a knick.

  5. The "s" after knicks was an accident, it was meant for Randolph