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The Aftermath of the LeBronathon

By Canbek Alakay

If you're a Knicks fan, you've got to be feeling down. It wasn't bad enough that he decided to go to a different team, or that he forgot to mention New York in his ridiculous decision special, but taking Bosh with him to join Wade in South Beach? That's like losing your girlfriend to some new guy, and then finding out that they were in cahoots six months before your breakup.

You've probably read a thousand articles about it already, either praising or condemning the self proclaimed "King" for his actions. This isn't one of those. Instead, I'd like to discuss where the Knicks go from here, and what they can do to relive the brighter days of Willis, Clyde, Bernard, and Ewing.

First of all, let's take a look at what the Knicks have done up to now. The club signed Amar'e Stoudamire to a five year, $100 million deal. I was a bit apprehensive of the move at first considering the fact that we just invested $100 million dollars into a big who isn't very much interested in rebounding or defending. Then I remember, thanks to D'Antoni's D'Inflation, he averaged 26-9 in 2004-05. Granted, he was playing with Steve Nash, but still, if we can get something like 22-10 or 24-9, then I'll be satisfied.

Next up is Raymond Felton. I've never been a fan of Felton to be honest, and I didn't like this move. However, he is an upgrade over Duhon. I believe he will most likely be used next year as a possible trade chip, coupled with Curry, for the Chris Paul deal that has me salivating. Just CP3 and Amar'e alone would be ridiculous. The fact that we have room for a max next year - a class that will likely include Carmelo, Yao and Tony Parker - is even more ridiculous. There's a good chance that this time next year, the Knicks will have their own big three.

The latest free agent addition is Timofey Mozgov, a 7'1'' center from Russia. Mozgov fills a big need at the five spot that desperately needs someone who is willing to bang down low and compensate for Amar'e. I'm not a Russian league expert, but most European centers haven't been built in the Russell mould, so I'm a little skeptical. However, on the other hand, most European centers are also very good three-point shooters, so I'm expecting him to fit D'Antoni's system like a glove.

Luckily, the Knicks picked up a bruiser who isn't afraid to hound his man and try to swat his shot on every possession. The Knicks sign-and-traded David Lee for Ronny Turiaf, along with Kelenna Azubuike and my favorite addition this summer, Anthony Randolph. Randolph is an excellent forward prospect. He creates mismatches at the three with his length, and is able to blow by many big fours with his excellent speed. He's a liability when it comes to defending big men, however, because he lacks elite strength. I expect to see Randolph get minutes at the three backing up Gallo this season, and possibly shift to the four when Amar'e needs a breather.

I've been a big admirer of Azubuike since his jump from the D-League to the NBA. His ability to play the two and the three affords us flexibility when we go big or small. He's an excellent role player and 9th man who you find on championship-calibre teams. Turiaf is another good addition because he can provide a spark off the bench and is a good defender. I expect him to either start or split minutes with Mozgov.

Sure, you might say we missed out on the two top players in the league, but hey, I'm an optimist. I feel good about what we've ended up with, and the moves we're making. We picked up an upgrade or a good role player in all five positions. However, we still need to make a few more moves because we're extremely thin at the guard position. I would have liked to see us bring back Nate, but I'll be satisfied if we find a good backup or two in the summer league.

Donnie, you gave us hope when you took over. Now it's time for you to deliver.

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