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Carmelo Trade Post-Mortem: Did We Win?

By Jared Dubin
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I want to declare the Knicks winners. I really, really do. And before I attended last night's Knicks/Bucks game, I was going to. I was going to write this (in bold):
The Knicks' struggles since the blockbuster trade that brought Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter, and the since-jettisoned Corey Brewer to New York have been well documented.
They are owners of a record of just 7-11 since the deal.
They can't seem to play any semblance of defense. 
They REALLY struggle to find their offense in the 4th quarter. 
Amare Stoudemire and Chauncey Billups have shown little to no chemistry on the pick-and-roll, the axis from which all else in Coach Mike D'Antoni's offense flows. 
But I can't, just CAN'T call a trade in which the Knicks wound up with Anthony, a top 15-20 player in the NBA at worst, and Chauncey Billups, an NBA Finals MVP, a loss. Just can't do it. 
Eventually, these guys will figure it out. Just like the Miami Thrice did. Remember, the Heat started the season just 9-8 before they reeled off a super-impressive 21-1 stretch immediately after. Now, I'm not suggesting the Knicks are about to win 21 of 22 games, but I am suggesting that we all might be overreacting just a bit when declaring this trade a loss for New York. 

But after that game last night, you can't help but think this...
The Knicks roster, as constructed, is flawed. For one, they don't have a true center on the team. When you're trying to guard Dwight Howard or Andrew Bogut with the combination of Jared Jeffries, Ronny Turiaf, and Shawne Williams, something is seriously wrong. And when you resort to playing Shelden Williams in crunch time, something is even more wrong. 
Secondly, they don't really have a backup point guard. Toney Douglas has flashed some serious range a few times since the trade, but his play-making abilities leave a lot to be desired.
It doesn't help that Chauncey Billups has looked old and slow since getting kneed in the thigh by Dwight Howard a few weeks back. He's either just old, done, or both. I legitimately texted my friend who was also at the game, "Chauncey is killing us. He can't guard anyone so we have to play Douglas or Carter with him when Jennings is in the game. He should just sit down the stretch." And I meant it. Not a good sign.
At this point, it seems like the Knicks should be past the point of "growing pains" and "we need time to jell." It really does. You can't be making those kinds of excuses when you're losing to the Bucks, Pacers, and Cavaliers twice each in a span of 18 games. 
Let's remember though, the Knicks do have wins over Miami, Memphis (twice), Atlanta, Utah, and New Orleans since the day. This deal will ultimately be judged into the future, and who Carmelo and Amare are able to recruit to join them in the summer of 2011 or 2012. This trade was as much about getting more guys to join up as it was about getting Carmelo. 
Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire WILL be on the New York Knicks for the next 4 years. Only time will tell if they can bring a championship back to Madison Square Garden. 


  1. The immediate dividends of this trade clearly favor Denver. Check out nuggetsmix.com for more insight. The Knicks gave up a ton. The young, athletic players the Nuggets acquired are flourishing under George Karl. He is clearly a better coach than D'Antoni. Most people don't remember D'Antoni's NBA coaching career began with the Nuggets. He clearly understands offensive basketball. His Phoenix offensive juggernauts are proof. He does not have the talent right now to run his offense.

    The trade has clearly favored Denver. If CP3 leaves NO for NY, as we all believe he will, then the true trade evaluation period will begin.

    Dave Bruning - nuggetsmix.com

  2. D'Antoni had a pretty bad record as coach of the Nuggets, 14-36. In fact, when he hasn't had Steve Nash on his team, D'Antoni's record is just 131-217, good for a winning percentage of .376. With Nash, it was 232-96, a .707 clip. Maybe if he gets a point guard the caliber of Nash in a couple years (CP3 or Deron Williams), he'll do better. It does seem that his offense is only capable of running at full-tilt when he has an all-NBA caliber point guard directing it. That doesn't excuse the terrible coaching job he's done so far with the Melo-Amar'e-Chauncey version of the Knicks though. It's unacceptable to be losing the way they have.

    Karl, on the other hand, is exactly the right fit for the new Nuggets. They're a young, long, athletic team and he's a veteran coach who commands their respect. He's get them moving like a well oiled machine right now with Lawson and Felton really pushing the pace. So much fun to watch.

    Go check out Dave's work at nuggetsmix.com for more on how our old friends Gallo, Felton, and Chandler are performing in Denver.

  3. I still think there has got to be a lil period of organization... They just haven't gotten there grove yet... Once they find it, I think that it will be a force to be reckoned with

  4. Hey Jared, its Michael from saynotocarmelo blog...need your opinion on a story. Can I email U?

  5. Woodson need to use Toure Mauray more and try to get Liam Mcmorrow. Woodson need to be able to encourage other players to play not only JR (his boy). You should not think less of these players that they cannot contribute like JR. If JR is not 100% why give him so much minutes while others can play. But i see that Woodson is very sturborn to use these players, he does not believe in them. Woodson need to change his approach to how he plays the player, he need to allow others to contribute. They are not there to warm the seats. Play them Woodson.

  6. Dolan does not need to trade for Kyle Lowry when there is a point guard on the Knicks team. That was a good move for Dolan to put a stop to the trade, I applaud him for that. I would think Woodson would allow Toure Mauray to develop with his size and length. Woodson need to open his eyes. MSG need better advisers and scouts that can do the job well.